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  • America’s New Favorite Nighttime Habit—Clenching and Grinding

    As a dentist in Tyler Texas I see and treat all kinds of patients with all kinds of dental problems.  Over the past several years I have noticed a trend that that may surprise you!  One of the most common problems I am seeing is an increase in nighttime clenching and grinding of the teeth.

    I am convinced that this is America’s most common nocturnal habit.  Every day I see people who are literally wearing away their enamel at record rates, and most are not even aware they are doing it!  Some folks may be grinding away and they are having no “problems” with it; and then, there are others who are grinding or clenching with a passion and are having all kinds of problems such as headaches and TMJ related issues.  I also see a lot of gum line recession, some with the root surfaces “notched out” into the root.  Believe it or not, this is usually caused by extreme clenching forces we put on our teeth during the night.

    So, what can we do to protect ourselves?  Wearing a custom-fitted night guard can literally save your teeth from unnecessary wear and gum recession.  Intense grinders currently wearing a night guard, may start to see actual grooves and ruts develop in the top surface of the guard.  It is important to regularly check your appliance for these marks.  These rough areas on your guard, during active grinding, will trigger your muscles to work overtime, often resulting in increased headaches, muscle tension, or joint pain.  If you see grooves and ruts on your guard, bring it in and we will be happy to adjust it back to a smooth surface, and chances are, you will be sleeping better and feeling better the next morning!


    Recently I was treating a patient who is a pain management doctor.  After the injection he asked me to share with him my technique for the painless injection I had just given him.  Tooth pain is often a motivating factor that brings people into our office, and the last thing they want is more pain in the dental chair.  It is my personal goal with every patient to give them an experience that is comfortable and virtually pain free.

    But we don’t want to stop there.  We also try to create a patient experience that is pleasant—by offering nitrous oxide gas or oral conscious sedation, heated neck pillows, a soft fleece blanket, and personal music with headphones.  All these extras show folks how much we truly care about them and their level of comfort in our office!  With positive experiences like these it’s much easier for patients to keep coming back and also refer their friends and family.

  • Sedation Dentistry

    Did you know that it takes ten positive experiences to counteract one negative experience?  It’s surprising how many patients come to me looking for a better dental experience than they had with their previous dentist.  Some come with very real fears of having dental work done.  To get patients over that huge mountain called fear, we often use sedation dentistry.  Oral conscious sedation consists of one or two little pills (Triazolam .25 mg, taken one hour before the appointment) combined with nitrous oxide.  It works very well for anxious patients needing to have a lot of dental work done in one or two appointments.  Many patients are not aware that we offer this very effective alternative for a comfortable care-free dental experience!  Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding oral conscious sedation.

  • Our Relaxing Atmosphere

    As a Tyler Texas dentist, I am committed to making your experience in our office as pleasant as possible.  We offer comprehensive dental care with excellence, in a spa-type atmosphere that soothes your nerves and calms your fears.  We have patients tell us often that if they had known how pleasant  their appointments would  be they would have been in our office a lot sooner! After all, springtime is Tyler’s moment to shine, with all of the colorful azaleas and blooming dogwoods.  With our serene office setting in the heart of the Azalea District, you can also take a little detour and follow the azalea trail after your appointment!

  • Wow! Zoom Whitening

    Wow!…Wow!…Wow!  That’s all he could say when he looked into the mirror after his Zoom Whitening.  Paul’s teeth shade improved 8 shades, all the way to the lightest shade on the shade guide.  This treatment definitely gives you the best bang for the buck when you are wanting to improve your smile.  Years of coffee, tea, cola, and wine stains gone in under two hours.  Congratulations on your new smile, Paul!
    For more information on teeth whitening Tyler TX call 903-597-7721.

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